Mugshot Yourself
Mugshot Yourself

Turn a portrait photo into an old timey mugshot

One of the great time-wasting guilty pleasures the internet has to offer (besides videos of cute cats) are websites that allow you to easily—and comically—manipulate portrait photos. We written before about website that will turn a photo of you into a Simpsons character and another that will render it as ...

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Best. Websites. Ever.
Baby Name Finders
Best. Websites. Ever. <br />Baby Name Finders

Sophia? John? Boomer? Triangles?

Spot Cool Stuff is having a baby! Thus far we've been absolutely perfect parents. We've read all the popular parenting books. We've aced all the baby classes. We've stocked up on all the right baby gear. We've made lots of lazy morning deposits into our sleep bank. Unfortunately, other moms and ...

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Eco-Friendly Website Hosts
Eco-Friendly Website Hosts

When hosting a website, it’s easy being green

It probably isn't feasible for you to drive an all-electric vehicle, locally grow your own organic food and power your house entirely on renewable energy. But small steps towards reducing your carbon footprint can still make a huge difference to the environment. Small steps like using an environmentally-friendly host for your ...

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Take a Google Street View Tour of the Amazon
Take a Google Street View Tour of the Amazon

Armchair travel in Brazil

You might think of Google Street View as that feature of Google Maps that let's you look at ground level photographs of your childhood home, a new restaurant you are trying to locate or some other street-side destination. But for several years now, Google has been expanding Street View to ...

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The Best Niche Dating Websites
The Best Niche Dating Websites

Where anyone—from seniors to Star Trek fans—can find dates online

We previously wrote a review comparing Match, eHarmony and the best dating websites. But depending on who you are — and what you are looking for in a potential partner — you might be better off on a dating website that targets a particular niche. There are a huge number ...

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The Best Websites For Selling
Used iPhones, Electronics
The Best Websites For Selling <br />Used iPhones, Electronics

Gazelle vs eBay InstantSale vs NextWorth vs YouRenew

Spot Cool Stuff just got a new Apple iPhone. Which begs the questions: What should we do with our old one? Turns out, that old iPhone is worth some money. There are dozens of websites through which you can sell old electronics. And not only iPhones, but MP3 players, calculators, gaming ...

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Wordle Word Cloud Creator
Wordle Word Cloud Creator

Cool website graphically displays common words in text

A decade from now word clouds may longer be popular. As we write, they are all the vogue. Word clouds (also sometimes called tag clouds or weighted clouds) are visual representations text data that display frequently used words or phrases. The larger the word or phrase in a word cloud that ...

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All infographics, all the time

Is college worth it? Is owning a home economically wise? What animals can you have sex with in Lebanon? There are lots of ways to answer popular questions such as those. Among them, our favorite might be in the form of an infographic. Infographics mix words with graphic designs to depict a data ...

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