What Websites Are Made Of?
Infographic: <br />What Websites Are Made Of?

Wordpress and spice and everything nice

To back up a year's worth of blog posts by the Wordpress community, you would need 2,375 double layer Blu-ray discs. 26% of httparchive's websites contain errors. Nearly 7 trillion (!) of online data will be created in the next five years. 58% of the top 10,000 websites use Google Analytics. Those are some ...

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Icebreaker’s “Trace Me” Apparel
Icebreaker’s “Trace Me” Apparel

Trace the merino wool in your specific shirt back to New Zealand

On the inside of an item of clothing made by Icebreaker—a wonderful manufacturer of activewear using a merino wool fiber layering system—you'll find the usual tag with machine washing care instructions. Below that you'll find another tag that isn't so usual, one that contains a unique nine digit code. Using that ...

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Awkward Family Photos
Awkward Family Photos

Uncomfortable moments in website, book and game form

Everyone has had awkward family moments (and many of us still do). Not everyone has had their awkward family moments photographed, posted online, published in a book and mocked in a board game. You'll find the lucky (or unlucky) few who have on the humorous website Awkward Family Photos. Awkward ...

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Design Your Own Dress Shirt
Design Your Own Dress Shirt

Play fashion designer on Blank Label

You needn't be an avid fashion designer, à la a Project Runway contestant, to create your own men's dress shirt. All you need is access to a cool website. Like Blank Label. On Blank Label most anyone can create their own shirt—within limits, of course. The basic shirt concept and ...

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SniqueAway on a Hotel Flash Deal
SniqueAway on a Hotel Flash Deal

Luxury hotel discounts in a flash

Flash deals—steep discounts offered for brief periods of time—are now the "in" thing online. The trend really caught on with Groupon (a Spot Cool Stuff favorite) and then spread to all sorts of competitors and specialty sites. We're working on an overview of the best of them for our cool ...

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The Free, Flexible Website Builder
uCoz: <br />The Free, Flexible Website Builder

Create a social media-rich website without knowing HTML

It's happened often: We meet some one, they ask what we do, we tell them about Spot Cool Stuff and then they ask us how to make their own website. When the person asking is computer proficient but is unfamiliar with (or uninterested in) HTML they would do well ...

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Borrow Lenses:
Camera & Lens Rental Online
Borrow Lenses: <br />Camera & Lens Rental Online

Borrow expensive photography equipment

Professional and semi-professional camera equipment can be expensive. Really expensive. Potentially the-equivalent-of-buying-a-car expensive. For photography enthusiasts who can't afford high-end camera gear—or are leery about making the financial plunge for it—there's a cool website that will let you rent cameras, lenses, lighting another photography accessories: Borrow Lenses. Why rent There are several ...

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The Funny Blog of Fake Science
The Funny Blog of Fake Science

Scientific explanations unburdened by truth

Do you find science confusing? That's probably because you are overemphasizing the importance of the truth. Disregard time consuming "experiments," look past pesky notions like "logic" and "reason" and science becomes a whole lot easier. That's the concept behind the webcomic blog Fake Science. Fake Science addresses questions such as "How are ...

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