Arrange a Letter, Call
From Santa Claus (Dot Com)
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The three stages of believing in Santa Claus:

1) Complete acceptance.

2) A logical understanding that Santa isn’t real (probably) but still wanting to go along with the myth, partly because for the magic of it but mostly for the presents.

3) The sad truth.

For kids who are in stage #1 and — especially — stage #2, getting a letter or a phone call from Santa Claus can make a wonderful, indelible memory. And through the magic of the internet that memory is possible. Because, while Stanta-Claus-the-man may not exist Santa-Claus-the-website does.

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No More Problems Sending
Outgoing SMTP Email

Spot Cool Stuff is writing these words from one of our favorite coffee shops. We love this place’s drink selections, its vibe, its river views—and its free wifi. But there’s one problem: We can’t send emails from here. Or, at least we couldn’t until recently.

If you’ve used your laptop at a restaurant, library, hotel, airport or other place with a public internet connection chances are you’ve run into similar outgoing email issues. The problem is that some internet connections block particular outgoing ports and/or connections to SMTP servers. This isn’t an issue using website-based mail services like Gmail or Hotmail. It can be when using an email program like Outlook, Eudora or Mac Mail.

Happily, there’s an easy, efficient solution to these email troubles: SMTP2GO.

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8 Unusual Online Dictionaries

Sure your standard bookshelf dictionary is useful for looking up the definitions of words that are, you know, “acceptable.” But what about cutting edge slang words? Or words no longer in use? Or words you can use to insult a Klingon? For that you need an out-of-the-ordinary dictionary. Here are eight of our online favorites:

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Read ‘Em And Smile

How should we categorize Breed ‘Em And Weep? This blog from Berkshires writer Jenn Mattern is ostensibly about the trials and tribulations of motherhood but, really, it is about so much more.

We could see putting Jenn’s blog under our Quirky category because how else would you describe, say, an imagined couple’s therapy session between Obama and McCain? It could go under Communication because Jenn has written the world’s wisest words on how to talk to a sad person. Humorous could work too, because virtually every post of Jenn’s has a comic touch, as could Community, because Breed ‘Em And Weep has a loyal group of readers who form friendships through her site.

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Via Talk

Plain and simple: Call any U.S. or Canadian phone number for 10 minutes, for free. You don’t even have to sign up with Via Talk. There’s no catch. That we know of.


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