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Print Creative Business Cards

Almost every printer in the world prints business cards. Many will print business cards cheaply. And if you want to print your own business cards all you need are some blank ones and a good quality printer.

But what if you want a business card that will really make you stand out? And — further — what if you aren’t a graphic designer and if you don’t want these business cards to cost a small fortune? Fortunately, there are a handful of cool websites where you can create unusual business cards that will wow that potential client or business partner — and do so inexpensively.

A review of Spot Cool Stuff’s six favorites:

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Turn Children’s Drawings Into 3D Figurines

Kids’ drawings are no longer stuck existing only as, well, drawings. The internet, together with 3D printers and other inexpensive personalized production methods, have created a cottage industry companies that can transform your kid’s artwork into a stuffed animal or a customized carpet or, now, a sculpture.

That last item is thanks to Barcelona-based start-up, Crayon Creatures.

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Wordle Word Cloud Creator

A decade from now word clouds may longer be popular. As we write, they are all the vogue.

Word clouds (also sometimes called tag clouds or weighted clouds) are visual representations text data that display frequently used words or phrases. The larger the word or phrase in a word cloud that word appears in the source.

Some websites use world clouds as a means to show what content they have. Some news outlets use world clouds to analyze a speech or political debate. And now you can make your own word cloud using this cool website: Wordle.

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Design Your Own Dress Shirt

You needn’t be an avid fashion designer, à la a Project Runway contestant, to create your own men’s dress shirt. All you need is access to a cool website. Like Blank Label.

On Blank Label most anyone can create their own shirt—within limits, of course. The basic shirt concept and range of fabrics is pre-determined. But within that, it is impressive how many design options you have.

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Design Your Own Chocolate Bars

Cardamon. Cranberries. Cookie dough. Potato chips. Cinnamon toast cereal. Bacon . . . Wait, bacon? Yes, Either real or vegetarian. . . . Macadamia nuts. Oreo pieces. Ground coffee.

What sound like random items on a shopping list are ingredients you can use to construct your own personal chocolate bar at what might be the internet’s most delicious website: Chocomize

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Design Your Own Carpet

design your own products cool online store  Design Your Own CarpetA carpet may be among the last items on a list of household items you’d think about designing yourself. But there’s one website that makes doing exactly that surprisingly easy: Carpetzz.

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The Website Where Kids Design
Their Own Stuffed Animals

Spot Cool Stuff laments the general direction children’s toys have taken away from requiring imagination. Surely, part of the issue has been the proliferation of online gaming websites aimed at kids.

But if websites have been part of the problem maybe they can be part of the solution? That’s the idea behind the Israel-based start-up Shidonni.

Shidonni has a variety of fun, imagination-enhancing online games for children. Kids can draw animals, for example, upload the drawing to the Shindonni site, and then have their animal creation roam around the virtual Shindonni world for others users to see.

And here’s our favorite part: On Shidonni you can take a child’s drawing of an imaginary creature and then turn it into a real life stuffed animal!

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