Awkward Family Photos

Everyone has had awkward family moments (and many of us still do). Not everyone has had their awkward family moments photographed, posted online, published in a book and mocked in a board game. You’ll find the lucky (or unlucky) few who have on the humorous website Awkward Family Photos.

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The Funny Blog of Fake Science
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Do you find science confusing? That’s probably because you are overemphasizing the importance of the truth. Disregard time consuming “experiments,” look past pesky notions like “logic” and “reason” and science becomes a whole lot easier.

That’s the concept behind the webcomic blog Fake Science.

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Airplane Safety Card Humor

There’s nothing funny about an airplane crash landing. But there is something funny about the crash landing preparedness cards that are a staple of airplane seat back pockets. At least there is at the Airtoons website.

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Passive Agressive, Active Fun
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After college we lived in a group house with a person who would not communicate with his housemates except through terse notes left on the communal refrigerator. In these notes he’d detail the physical harm he’d inflect upon anyone who even thought about eating his tuna sandwich. He’d write down the proper pot cleaning techniques for the person he felt failed to adequately do that job. After a house dinner party that was too loud for his taste he left a note on the refrigerator listing the various sedatives that he insisted be served to all house guests prior to any future dinner party.

Though it was not at all his intention, we remember this former housemate’s passive aggressive musings fondly. They were so ridiculous, so over-the-top, that they were funny. And so it is with the notes archived by the website Passive Aggressive Notes.

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The Clever Webcomics of xkcd
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The best cartoons are no longer in the newspaper. They are online. Exhibit 1: xkcd.

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Read ‘Em And Smile

How should we categorize Breed ‘Em And Weep? This blog from Berkshires writer Jenn Mattern is ostensibly about the trials and tribulations of motherhood but, really, it is about so much more.

We could see putting Jenn’s blog under our Quirky category because how else would you describe, say, an imagined couple’s therapy session between Obama and McCain? It could go under Communication because Jenn has written the world’s wisest words on how to talk to a sad person. Humorous could work too, because virtually every post of Jenn’s has a comic touch, as could Community, because Breed ‘Em And Weep has a loyal group of readers who form friendships through her site.

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“Hilarious,” Unnecessary Quotation “Marks”

In addition to being used to relay the exact words from another source, quotation marks can be used to convey misnomers and denote inaccuracies. If you write Her shirt looks interesting then that may be taken at face value. Her shirt looks “interesting” probably means that her shirt was, in fact, butt ugly. Though even more insulting would be Her “shirt” look interesting, indicating that what she was wearing could hardly qualify as a shirt at all.

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It is almost never funny to talk about why something is funny. Except at BizarroBlog. Here Dan Piraro, cartoonist for the Bizarro comic strip series, writes about his cartoons, the inspiration behind them, and some of the hate mail he receives. Please enjoy responsibly.


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