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Self-Publish Your Own Magazine

There are a handful of sites through which you can self-publish a book. Now there’s a website through which you can self-publish a magazine: MagCloud.

The publishing process is astonishingly simple You design and write your magazine, upload a high-res PDF file of it to MagCloud and they will take care of the selling, printing and shipping. If your magazine creation is going to be produced on a regular basis there’s even a way for customers to sign up for a subscription.

Here’s the really cool part: Your magazines are printed upon order. So you don’t pay anything until some one buys one of your creations. When an order comes in the wholesale cost to you will be $0.20 a page plus $1.40 in shipping. The price of the magazine is up to you to set. Whatever the difference between that retail price and the magazine’s publishing cost is pure profit, paid to you via PayPal.



Sometimes it seems like you need a computer and a Ph.D in mathematics to choose the best option among all of those credit card deals and wireless cell phone plans. In fact, the Ph.D is unnecessary if you use the computer to visit the BillShrink website. Type in the details of your current credit card or wireless usage—or upload an electronic copy of your last statement—and BillShrink will automatically determine if there’s a better option for you and how much that option might save you.


Gas Buddy

Almost everywhere it is expensive to fuel your car. If you live in the United States and Canada, at least, there’s a website that will help you find the cheapest price. Type your address into and you’ll get a list of the cheapest gas in your ‘hood. Or, look at the handy overview map for a breakdown of what regions generally have the cheapest fuel.


Note: There’s also a similar website for the UK: Petrol Prices

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