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Get Paid For Tasks You Now Do For Free

There are people with careers they absolutely love, careers they’d do even if they were independently wealthy. We know doctors, teachers, architects and lawyers — yes, lawyers — and many others who don’t do their jobs for the money.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a career such as that. And, unfortunately, this article probably won’t help most people find one. (Though, not incidentally, please click here if you are looking a hiring manager looking for an online travel content and social media expert).

Instead, for this post, what we did was think through tasks people do everyday — for free — and ask can you get paid for doing some of those?

It turns out that the answer we found was: Yes! To be clear, the odds are long that you’ll make a living doing these things full time. But you can put some extra money in your pocket.

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Infographic: Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

Business is booming at social media marketing agencies. Company budgets for social media marketing are expected to grow by an average of 16% in 2014! And that has marketers clamoring to get ahead of this year’s social media trends so they can figure out how to best spend that budget.

The infographic below gathers together some thoughts on these trends from experts. Among the predictions: mobile will continue to play an increasingly important role; selling through social channels will become the norm. We agree with that. Though, in addition to presenting the infographic’s predictions, Spot Cool Stuff would like to add six of our own:

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The World’s First Hotel To Be Crowdsourced, Crowdfunded

Spot Cool Stuff is a huge fan of Quirky — the cool online store that exclusively sells crowdsourced products. It’s one thing to have strangers online collaborating on the sort of household items Quirky sells — creative wine openers and unusual barbeque tools and the like. It’s quite another for the internet-assembled masses to collaborate on the design of an entire hotel.

Yet, that’s (almost) exactly what Prodigy Network, a New York City-based real-estate company, plans to do.

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The Best Online Dating Site For You

If you are reading this post, we presume you are single and likely nervous about entering the world of online dating. To you we say: Go for it!

Think of it this way: If you were looking for a job, you’d conduct at least part of your search online, no? When shopping for a creative gift, checking out tomorrow’s weather forecast or looking for a used car you’d search online. So why not when looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Meeting mates online is not going mainstream. It is mainstream. Of all the people who got married in the United States in 2012, 1 out of every 5 met online. (It’s probably more than that in 2013). More than twice as many marriages occurred between people who met on an online dating site than between those who met in bars, clubs and social events combined! And such online dating success spans across demographic groups—targeted niche sites like eHarmony senior online dating have hugely helped singles get back into the dating game later in life.

So, go for it! And start by choosing the online dating site that will work best for you.

There are literally thousands of dating websites to choose from. They break down into roughly two groups: general dating websites, those joined by a relatively large and diverse cross section of people, and niche dating websites, geared towards a specific audience.

You can see our picks for the best niche dating websites clicking to this review. In this post we’ll look at the general websites. Spot Cool Stuff has tried out dozens of them. Below is our description of the ones we like best. Check out the full reviews or, if you are the impatient sort, skip ahead to our conclusions:

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Use Your Klout to Access American Airlines’ Lounges
spot cool stuff WEBSITES

American Airlines is very much not on our list of the world’s coolest airlines. But with more promotions like this (and a better in-air product) they could certainly work themselves there:

For a limited time, American Airlines is giving away — for free, no strings attached — a pass to their Admirals Club business class lounge to anyone who is influential on Twitter.

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3 Up-And-Coming Social Media Networks

You might think that the internet needs another social media website about as much as it needs another blog with photos of cute cats. But, unlike cat photo blogs, social media websites keep evolving. Remember when Friendster, MySpace and were at the fore of online social media? Technology and website functionality gets better over time. And once you start to look at some of the more creative social media start-ups, you start to see how many things the established social media sites aren’t doing well  — or at all.

With that in mind, here are three new and growing social media websites that Spot Cool Stuff believes could make it big over the next year:

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Cook Your Cupboard

Imagine that you’re cleaning out the back recesses of your kitchen pantry and discover there a you-don’t-know-how-old can of Haggis, a can of tomato paste, a half-eaten box of orzo pasta, a bag of Funyuns and a container of orange-flavored dessert syrup. What can you do with them? Well, you could throw them all away. Or you could take a photo and post it on the cool Tumblr blog Cook Your Cupboard. There you’ll get advice from cooks — some expert, some very much not — on creative dishes you can prepare with your pantry finds.

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Reel Photos
In Real Life

Spot Cool Stuff loves websites that are both simple and ingenious. On Tumblr, perhaps no blog exemplifies those two characteristics more than FILMography. The site features photos of hands holding — other photos. The photo being held is a black and white screenshot of a scene from a movie. And the place that photo is held is the exact spot that movie scene was shot from!

The end result: a cool overlay of a movie scene with its real life location.

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