Infographic: Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

Business is booming at social media marketing agencies. Company budgets for social media marketing are expected to grow by an average of 16% in 2014! And that has marketers clamoring to get ahead of this year’s social media trends so they can figure out how to best spend that budget.

The infographic below gathers together some thoughts on these trends from experts. Among the predictions: mobile will continue to play an increasingly important role; selling through social channels will become the norm. We agree with that. Though, in addition to presenting the infographic’s predictions, Spot Cool Stuff would like to add six of our own:

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Use Your Klout to Access American Airlines’ Lounges
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American Airlines is very much not on our list of the world’s coolest airlines. But with more promotions like this (and a better in-air product) they could certainly work themselves there:

For a limited time, American Airlines is giving away — for free, no strings attached — a pass to their Admirals Club business class lounge to anyone who is influential on Twitter.

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How To Make Free Phone Calls Via Twitter
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Spot Cool Stuff is fascinated by the ever expanding functionality companies are bringing to Twitter. Some hotels offer concierge services via Twitter. Some take-out restaurants allow customers to place orders via Twitter. And now at least one VoIP company, Jajah, is launching a service that places telephone calls via Twitter.

Here’s how Jajah’s Twitter calling works:

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The Best Twitter-Related Applications & Websites

The explosion in the popularity of Twitter has brought with it an explosion in the selection of Twitter-related websites and application. Here’s a rundown of a few of our favorites, with the ones we especially liked are in bold. For this list, we decided to only include websites that were free (though a few involve a download that costs money). We also excluded sites that are in the early phases of beta testing.

Is there a Twitterish site you think should be on this list? Let us know in a comment, below. And, of course, make sure you follow Spot Cool Stuff on your Twitter account . . .

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