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The 5 Best Products in Amazon’s Wearable Tech Store

It has been about five weeks now since launched their wearable technology store. Smartwatches, activity trackers, body-mountable cameras, connected eyeglasses — wearable tech encompasses pretty much any item that 1) includes a microprocessor and 2) is meant to be worn. Go figure.

Many prognosticators believe “wearable” will be the next Big Thing in technology. (Spot Cool Stuff believes so too, though we see it taking off later than most experts and view 3D printing as being the bigger next Big Thing). At the moment, though, Amazon’s new wearable tech store has rather slim pickings.

Slim. But not entirely devoid of cool products. Here are our five favorites:

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Fun Shopping for the Best Outdoor Gear

Moosejaw, cool online purveyor of quality outdoor gear and apparel, is looking for a new Creative Director. Among the qualities they’re seeking in their candidate: enormous creativity (that’s “bigger than an antelope, but smaller than a moderately-sized dinosaur”) and “such insane passion that you’ll harness your internal flame and convert it into a chariot of fire.”

That’s a pretty good example of how Moosejaw lives their mission: To provide the most fun shopping experience for the best outdoor gear.

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Fiverr: The $5 Microtask Marketplace

What would you be willing to do for five (American) dollars? What would you be willing to pay five dollars for some one to do for you?

At the nexus of those two questions, there’s Fiverr, a cool online, community-driven “microtask” marketplace where most everything costs five bucks.

For example: For $5 a professional graphic designer will create 3 different logos for your company. For $5 an artist will draw you into a still image from The Simpsons. An actor will do a voice over on your video. A musician will compose a 10-second jingle using your lyrics. A computer programmer will build you an iPhone and Android app for your website.

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Hipcycle: The Cool Online Store of Upcycled Products

Time was that products and materials were either recycled or not. These days, “upcycled” products are becoming increasingly popular. The difference between “upcycling” and “recycling” being that the former involves reusing a material without degrading its quality or composition. So, used beer bottles being turned into jeans or asphalt or new beer bottles are examples of recycling (because the old beer bottles are melted down into cullet before being reused). But used beer bottles being turned into, say, a Thai temple is an example of upcycling.

In the increasingly diverse (and, some would say, nutty) language around eco-friendly concepts, other terms for reusing material emerged. One can not only recycle or upcycle but also downcycle, freecycle, precycle and e-cycle. But there’s only one other -cycle we’re concerned with for this post: Hipcycle.

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Icebreaker’s “Trace Me” Apparel

cool online store  Icebreakers Trace Me ApparelOn the inside of an item of clothing made by Icebreaker—a wonderful manufacturer of activewear using a merino wool fiber layering system—you’ll find the usual tag with machine washing care instructions.

Below that you’ll find another tag that isn’t so usual, one that contains a unique nine digit code.

Using that code you can go to the internet and see exactly where the sheep live that provided the merino wool for that specific garment!

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Design Your Own Dress Shirt

You needn’t be an avid fashion designer, à la a Project Runway contestant, to create your own men’s dress shirt. All you need is access to a cool website. Like Blank Label.

On Blank Label most anyone can create their own shirt—within limits, of course. The basic shirt concept and range of fabrics is pre-determined. But within that, it is impressive how many design options you have.

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Design Your Own Chocolate Bars

Cardamon. Cranberries. Cookie dough. Potato chips. Cinnamon toast cereal. Bacon . . . Wait, bacon? Yes, Either real or vegetarian. . . . Macadamia nuts. Oreo pieces. Ground coffee.

What sound like random items on a shopping list are ingredients you can use to construct your own personal chocolate bar at what might be the internet’s most delicious website: Chocomize

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8 Weird and Wacky Items Sold on Amazon

Almost everyone knows for its bargain deals on books and electronics. Amazon is also a good source for discount groceries. We like their DRM-free MP3 store (even more than iTunes). And we love their Amazon Kindle. But Amazon also has a surprisingly large selection items that defy categorization, from the odd to the downright wacky.

Here’s our look at some of the weirdest items for sale on Amazon and the solution they provide to some of life’s most common problems:

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