Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding

The World’s First Hotel To Be Crowdsourced, Crowdfunded

Spot Cool Stuff is a huge fan of Quirky — the cool online store that exclusively sells crowdsourced products. It’s one thing to have strangers online collaborating on the sort of household items Quirky sells — creative wine openers and unusual barbeque tools and the like. It’s quite another for the internet-assembled masses to collaborate on the design of an entire hotel.

Yet, that’s (almost) exactly what Prodigy Network, a New York City-based real-estate company, plans to do.

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Architectural Criticism Crowdsourced

Fans of Spot Cool Stuff’s architecture posts—especially those who wish we’d be able to publish them more frequently—would do well to check out Open Buildings.

The goal of the Open Buildings website: collect as much information as possible about the world’s cool architecture.

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Quirky Crowdsourced Products

Moments ago, Spot Cool Stuff placed a pre-order at the Quirky online store for a Trek Support Backpack. The waterproof, airport-friendly backpack comes with a form-fitted electronics dock and a 7-hour battery. You charge up the backpack and then can use the dock to charge up to three gadgets at once while on the go.

The Trek Support Backpack is very cool. Or, we should say, it seems to us like it will be very cool. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. Afterall, the Trek Support Backpack is the product of virtual crowdsourcing—it was proposed, vetted, designed, refined and branded by a diverse online community. All the other items sold through Quirky are communally designed too.

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