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Simpsonize Yourself

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons you probably enjoy when real life people make cameos on America’s longest running prime time television series; it’s fun seeing how the Simpsons animators portray them. Now you can see how you (or anyone else) would look in Springfield’s 2D animated world at Simpsonize Me.

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“Hilarious,” Unnecessary Quotation “Marks”

In addition to being used to relay the exact words from another source, quotation marks can be used to convey misnomers and denote inaccuracies. If you write Her shirt looks interesting then that may be taken at face value. Her shirt looks “interesting” probably means that her shirt was, in fact, butt ugly. Though even more insulting would be Her “shirt” look interesting, indicating that what she was wearing could hardly qualify as a shirt at all.

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Yearbook Yourself

You might find it a little scary to imagine what your yearbook photo would look like if you were in the Class of 1952, or 1974, or 1990. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to see how other people would look. Yearbook Yourself is a website that let’s you upload anyone’s pic and gander at their theoretical yearbook photo. The hard part is finding a good photo — you need one in which the subject is looking straight at the camera without anything obstructing the face. So, if your photo victim has bangs or is wearing glasses you are out of luck. Once the photo is uploaded simply resize it, make some adjustments, click on the class year you want to see and voila! Not useful, perhaps, but lots of fun.


For another website like Yearbook Yourself check out our review of Simpsonize Me and BeFunky.

See below for more example photos:

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Cake Wrecks

Who would have thought that cakes could be so funny?! This genius idea for a blog looks at ill-conceived baked items. The cake photos are humorous but it is the stories people write about each cake that had us laughing out loud. (And Spot Cool Stuff does not take to bellowing laughs lightly). Check out some of the cake photos below . . .

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The New Shelton Wet/Dry

The New Shelton Wet/Dry is like a photographic non sequitur and we sure do like pizza. The site’s tag line, What Matter Who’s Speaking, gives a sense of this photo blog’s surrealist nature. Put on some Pink Floyd, take some stash from that coffee can in the fridge (if that’s your thing), and click through the captivating visual images on this site. We were especially mesmerized by the shadow art made from shining a spotlight on strategically sculpted trash and by the offerings in the photo illusion category.


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Create Cartoon Versions Of Digital Photographs

At BeFunky you can make your digital photographs look as if they were drawn cartoons and sketches. Of course, you could do the same thing in PhotoShop if you own it and if you are reasonably proficient at it. But using BeFunky’s free service has two advantages. It is easy to use — play with a few settings and the website does the rest. And BeFunky makes it easy to share your photos on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster and other community websites. Check it out.


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English Russia

Vodka, babushkas, authoritarian leaders — these are what come to mind when most people think of Russia. English Russia sets out to break that stereotype by showing that “something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the Earth surface.” Granted, several of these “cool” things are done by babushkas drinking vodka. Nevertheless, the photos and blog posts on English Russia show a side of the world’s largest country  more interesting, quirky, depressing and hilarious than you could possibly imagine.


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